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Technology-enabled urine monitoring for

Healthier Lives

SensUR Health offers a point-of-care technology that allows health professionals and individuals to perform ultra-sensitive urine measurements that can be used throughout the entire healthcare value chain.

Our goal is to contribute to a shift towards outcome driven healthcare via early detection of a disease, close monitoring of disease progression and health-data intelligence to optimize disease management as well as to contribute to healthy living and aging.

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Why you should connect to SensUR Health

SensUR Health combines unique biomarker assays with state-of-the-art photonics technology into a point-of-care test platform. Individuals are able to obtain valuable insights in their health status and are empowered to optimize health with support of healthcare professionals. The success of our platform is based on three key principles:
SH Pillar 1-Screening


Optimization of the healthcare value chain by early identification of the disease and most optimal disease control approach, to achieve better health outcomes at lower healthcare costs.

SH Pillar 2-Monitoring


Increased engagement of individuals in the disease management process through periodic independent monitoring of important urine biomarkers in a healthcare setting and at home.

SH Pillar 3-HealthIntelligence

Health intelligence

Data-driven population health management and optimization of the healthcare pathway of individuals, with a coordinating role for the healthcare professional.

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Our Platform

SensUR Health Platform Infographic

Healthier Lives

Ageing of populations together with various lifestyle effects result in growing healthcare demand and expenditures, exposing healthcare systems to major challenges.

Sustainable healthcare requires transformation from the current institutionalized focus on disease and care to an ecosystem approach with more focus on health and behavior.

The SensUR Health platform connects the different parts of the value chain varying from vitality, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and (after)care to enable outcome driven optimization (health)care through monitoring and screening.

The Technology

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Individuals and healthcare professionals are able to perform quantitative urine biomarker self-tests via a small and easy-to-use diagnostic test system.

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Each small urine sample applied to the chip will flow through microfluidic channels, interacts with a unique assay and is analyzed for specific biomarkers at picomolar concentrations via ultra-sensitive integrated photonics sensors.

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Test results are shared with the individual and healthcare professional via safe and secure data exchange pathways.

The Value

Value Fast


Immediate insight into test results

Value At location

At location

Perform urine testing in the lab or at home

Value Accuracy

Accurate & Precise

High performance biomarker detection

Value Connected


Secure data sharing with healthcare professionals

Value Innovative


Supporting research for better heath(care)

Value Datatrends

Data trends

Health insights based on multiple data points

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Focus Areas

Obtain health insights based on several bio-marker analyses.
Focus Areas - SH-FA-01-CKD

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

1 in 10 people have CKD of which the majority is unaware of their condition. Screening of people at risk and monitoring of known patients facilitates adequate and timely interventions, improves health outcomes and reduces the need of expensive late stage treatments.

Focus Areas - SH-FA-02-CVD

Cardiovascular disease (CVD)

As the number 1 cause of death worldwide, CVD is a huge challenge for healthcare systems. Monitoring of people at risk enables more accurate disease management (i.e. medicines and lifestyle) resulting in reduced mortality rates.

Focus Areas - SH-FA-03-UTI

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) & Antibiotic resistance

Each year, 1 in 10 women will get a UTI which in most cases will be treated with antibiotics. Although antibiotics treatments are effective, they also contribute to the rising antibiotic resistance. Early identification of a UTI will enable treatments without antibiotics, thereby preventing further antibiotic resistance.

Focus Areas - SH-FA-04-Salt-intake

Salt intake (healthy living)

Salt reduction has shown to be one of the most (cost-)effective ways of reducing the burden of non-communicable diseases. Making people aware of eating too much salt via self-monitoring has shown to be an effective approach and could heavily contribute to WHO’s goal to reduce global salt intake by 30% in 2025.

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